New owner to continue Swedish activities

26. Oktober 2023

SVEVIND Energy Group announces today that it has completed a transaction with the leading Norwegian utility Statkraft. Our Swedish subsidiary SVEVIND Nordic AB, the successor to SVEVIND AB, is now officially part of Statkraft. The intention is to fully integrate the team and projects of SVEVIND Nordic into Statkraft’s operations.

“We are very proud that our Swedish team, with its unique expertise and experience gained over the years, will support such an important energy company as Statkraft in the future. In Statkraft, Svevind Nordic gets a strong owner who can continue the important work we have done and progress the project pipeline while providing for a continued positive work environment for the employees”, says Wolfgang Kropp, founder and CEO of SVEVIND Energy Group.

Over the past 20 years the Swedish team of SVEVIND particularly planned, developed and implemented Europe’s largest and most-powerful wind farm, the MARKBYGDEN 1101 project. Making Wolfgang Kropp’s vision of large-scale renewable energy production in northern Sweden a reality, the team did important pioneering work, found solutions for every kind of challenge and thus created an infrastructure that few experts expected at the turn of the millennium. With the commissioning of the five hundredth wind turbine and the achievement of a total production capacity of 2,000 megawatt MARKBYGDEN 1101 has now entered its final phase. “We finalized the technical plannings for the last project phase, the permitting process is nearly finished – for us as a project developer the project MB1101 is completed”, explains Dr. René Pforte, Chief Business Development Officer of SVEVIND Energy Group. “Now is the time to say goodbye and to let a heartfelt project go.”

As of today, the team will work on existing and new development projects under the umbrella of Statkraft. “We are tremendously happy to be able to strengthen our operations with a group of extremely competent employees who, together with the project portfolio, will make an important contribution to our ambitions to grow in onshore wind power”, says Jakob Norström, CEO of Statkraft Sweden. “With his vision and his efforts, Wolfgang Kropp has not only managed to build a groundbreaking project for Scandinavia but has also built a team that will continue to make an important contribution to sustainable development for Sweden in the future.” The transactions also includes a development project pipeline of 16 GW concentrated in northern Sweden. Through the transaction between SVEVIND Energy and Statkraft, the successful work of the past years will be continued by a renowned renewable energy focused utility and the expertise gained will be used to further advance the energy transition in Northern Europe.

With the successful completion of its business in Sweden, SVEVIND Energy Group is focusing efforts on progressing other projects in different geographies. “As a project developer, we want to implement groundbreaking visions to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow” says René Pforte. In Sweden, this path has already been followed for the past decades, and now new challenges await. With Hyrasia One, one of the world’s largest projects to produce green hydrogen, the SVEVIND Energy Group has once again set itself the goal of developing outstanding energy projects.

“We are very proud of what our colleagues in Piteå have achieved and created together with the Headquarters in Germany over the past 20 years. Having a vision for the future is only one side. It takes heart, passion and the commitment of many people to turn this vision into reality,” says company founder Wolfgang Kropp. He adds: “Even if the career paths of long-time companions and colleagues part ways today, it is right and important for all sides.”

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